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Noord Straalt is een warm centrum voor gezondheid, spiritualiteit en educatie.
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Mantra zingen met Mudita

You are warmly invited to join our mantra circle.
We are Mudita and we play mantra's and other heart opening songs and sing together in circles. To celebrate joy. And to cultivate aliveness, presence, and connection trough song. Mudita consists of Karlijn (harmonium), Emma (guitar) and Gerard (djembe).

Chanting mantra's is often a magical exprience. It has positive effects on the brain and energetic body. Reciting mantras and also listening to them resonates deeply in your body. Your head becomes still and your heart opens. 
Especially when singing in a group, a powerful field of love and connection is created. Most mantras are sung in ancient Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages of mankind.In addition to classical mantra's, we also play and sing other heartsongs, sometimes in English, Spanish or Hebrew.
Singing mantra's is not about being a good singer. Your intention and energy with which you sing provide the magic. This is mainly about your experience, not about us having to achieve a certain goal.

Mudita in Pali and Sanskrit stands for the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being. Buddhist teachers interpret mudita more broadly as an inner spring of infinite joy that is available to everyone at all times, regardless of circumstances. We came together out of sheer joy for singing and making music, and intend to share that joy everywhere we play.

If you want to sing out loud, welcome

If you want to bring an instrument, welcome

If you want to dance, welcome

If you only want to listen, welcome

Date: sunday 12 december Time: 10.00-12.00 
Price: 18,00 euro. 
Facilitated by: Mudita