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Ivm COVID-19 corona virus komen de meeste diensten en activiteiten op de locatie van Noord Straalt te vervallen. Check uw afspraak svp vooraf met uw therapeut of docent.

Noord Straalt is een warm centrum voor gezondheid, spiritualiteit en educatie. Klik hier om maandelijks ons STRALEND MAGAZINE met nieuws, info en voordeeltjes te ontvangen.

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Intro to Divine Humanity 

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Come join us for an evening of exploring the path to Divine Humanity. We will spend the time reviewing the 3 "Pillars of Light" - basic concepts of how to live your life in a more Divine and Human way. We will review the material and then have exercises to work with the concept.

Special guest teacher this evening is Alfred Darby:

I have spent over 35 years studying native cultures and traveling to remote locations to experience the energies of these cultures. Reviewing, learning and applying the knowldge for my own personal growth and development plus allowing me to share this knowldge with others. Travels include Iceland, Norway, Peru, Belieze, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Japan, Scotland, France, Greece and Crete. In order to be able to better understand a native culture and its practices - you need to spend time in the area where they were practiced to feel and experience the energies involved. I have been working with the original teachers of Divine Humanity as a direct student for over 35 years and would encourage anyone and everyone to visit their website for more information -

The contribution for participation is 35,-- euro.

Date: 31 of januari 
Time: 19:30-22:00
Place: Noord Straalt Tt. Vasumweg 24A 
Costs: 35 euro