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Noord Straalt is een warm centrum voor gezondheid, spiritualiteit en educatie.
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Imaginary dance 

Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer have different characteristics and you will explore these qualities by allowing the energy of the images to let you move in your own authentic way, by following your impulses and what the image brings to you.

Every dance is going to be unique, there is no leader nor followers, we will be together in the same field exploring the seasons of Earth and the seasons of your life (be born and die).

As you might have noticed, I will start with the Autumn instead of Spring because we are all experiencing a huge transformation in our life and society, it is not clear yet what it will be.

I want you to explore “your death” first to allow yourself to “be born” again and to flourish at the end of the course.

Everybody is welcome, just bring your curiosity and willingness to explore.


DATES: Monday evening at 6.30 pm CET for 60-75 minutes
29 March
12 April
26 April
10 May

WHERE: Zoom online
COST: Sliding scale between Eur 50 and 105 for the 4 lessons.
If you wish to sign up only for one class, the cost is Eur 18
Payment details will be giving after the registration.

REGISTRATION: we can schedule a call via whatsapp/telegram or you can fill in the google form
Roberta Colombano
0031 (0) 638225160

My name is Roberta Colombano, with Italian roots and living in the Netherlands since 2004.

I am a sensitive bodyworker and life coach and I often combine the energy work in my profession. I feel a very deep connection with Nature where I find inspiration for my work and personal life.
I trained in several fields like Massage Therapy, Tai chi & Qigong, Facilitator training with Diversity Joy (Amsterdam), Counselling and Playback Theatre (Torino), Heart of Ecstatic Dance (Amsterdam), Life Alignment Energy Healing system, and Sustainable Development Community Planning.

My passion is dancing, it is my way to listen to myself in a very deep way, to listen to my body impulses and to allow the unfolding of emotions... and to have fun!

I am also very involved with few groups of Playback Theatre, where people have an opportunity to share their own stories, to be listened to and to sense their own stories played by actors. I feels always deeply touched when I perform for the community (even online!)

In my website you can find more info and in my social media I share also tools and tips.

Contact me for know how I could guide you and have a nice day!